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Syrian Children Discover Hockey

Check out this fabulous video of Syrian children being introduced to the game of hockey!

Playon 4 on 4

Do you have your team ready?
Youth and adults of all ages are invited to participate in the street hockey festival in Ottawa from June 3rd to June 4th.

1st Shift MHA Applications

Looking to grow your Minor Hockey Association’s membership? The Canadian Tire First Shift is your answer!
Help kids fall in love with hockey with this six-week learn to play program focusing on fun and basic skills.

HEO In Baker Lake

HEO's IP Coordinator, Ruggles Pritchard, traveled to Baker Lake, Nunavut to partner with Hockey North to deliver a series of Coaching Clinics, On Ice Skill Instruction and Parent information Sessions.

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Officiating Development Programs

The HEO Officiating Program operates several initiatives designed to assist officials in their overall on-ice and off-ice development and help them reach their full potential in the program.

In addition to the supervision and quiz programs, the following programs have been established to assist with the development of officials:

  • Mentorship Program
  • Pay Back Program
  • Exchange Program
  • Program of Excellence

Mentorship Program

As statistics show, the number of Level 1 officials that "quit" after the first or second year is very high. To counter this trend, the Mentorship Program has been established to provide new officials with experienced role models that they can lean on for guidance. The senior official can provide POSITIVE coaching, training and support, and acts as a role model for the young official(s) to follow. If any negative incidents occur during the season, the senior official can be called upon to advise the young official and in certain cases mediate situations to positive resolution, thus "shielding" the young official from unnecessary conflicts.

Sample Outline for a Mentorship Program in a local hockey association:

  1. In collaboration with the local RIC, identify an individual or group of junior officials whom you could be assigned to.
  2. Compile a formal training/event plan for your assignee(s) and submit to Mentoring Coordinator. The Training/Event plan should include, at minimum, the following over the course of the season:
    • If local hockey association will provide ice time – two (2) 1-hour on-ice training sessions with local Level 1/2 officials and assigned prodigy(s).
    • If ice time is not available, coordinate with local house league (novice) to coach on ice during two games or practices.
    • One Procedure session.
    • One Rules session.
    • Two informal on-ice supervisions, preferably one early in the year and one near to the end of the season.
    • A commitment to see the official(s) at least once a month for the officiating season.
  3. A formal written report from the Mentor to be submitted along with a supervisions prior to February 28/02. If possible, a response from the junior official or the RIC as to successes and improvements for the next season would be highly beneficial.
  4. Submit a list of prodigy name(s), phone number(s) and chop number(s) with training plan along with RIC name and phone number.
  5. All documents to be submitted to Mentoring Coordinator via E-mail or fax.

A mentorship program helps you to easily monitor the progression of new officials as the season unfolds.

Pay Back Program

Senior Body Officials within the HEO are asked to participate in a pay back program, whereby they provide mentorship and support to minor hockey officials within the HEO. Senior Body Officials are given the opportunity to complete any of the following options during the course of each season.

  • Complete twelve (12) Supervision
  • Be a mentor to a new official
  • Officiate four (4) house league games with minor hockey officials
  • Accept an executive position with the branch or a district for the season

Exchange Program

HEO has worked extremely hard in the past to provide officials with opportunities to participate in an exchange program with other officiating programs across the country. Three (3) consistent programs currently in place include sending officials to the Mac’s Midget AAA Hockey Tournament through Hockey Alberta as well as sending officials to officiating minor Hockey in Iqaluit through Hockey North and sending officials to Newfoundland through Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador. Over the years officials have also had the opportunity to officiate in Europe along with other Canadian locations. HEO also accepts in coming officials to our branch as part of this exchange program who are given opportunities to work Junior C, B and A games throughout the regular season, as well as take part in the Bell Capital Cup.

Program of Excellence

Details and information coming soon!

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