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Chance to win prizes, coach kits and give back to the community.
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Coach of the Month

Subnmit your nominations for HEO's Minor Hockey Coach of the Month.

Coach Prefessional Development

HEO launches its schedule of Hockey Canada Instructional Stream clinics for 2017-18.
Coaches can register up for these CPD clinics for free.

Lessons From Behind the Glass

Allyson Tufts partners with HEO to bring us the Lessons From Behind the Glass video series.

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Maintenance of Certification

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) values having coaches engage in professional development (PD) programs. Such programs promote the concepts of lifelong learning and sharing information within the coaching community. To this end the CAC has initiated a program for Maintenance of Certification to be implemented amongst all CAC partner organizations.
Being a CAC partner organization Hockey Canada now requires certified coaches to maintain their certification by particiapting in recognized PD programs and activities.

Maintenance of Certification only applies to coaches that are certified. Coaches do not need to maintain certification for their Coach 1 or Coach 2 qualifications as these two coach levels do not provide certification. They only provide training status. Only fully certified Dev 1 and HP1 coaches must maintain their certification.

Certified coaches at the Dev 1 and HP1 levels will have to earn points over a 5-year time frame to maintain their certification:
   • Development 1 requires 20 points over 5 years.
   • High Performance 1 requires 30 points over 5 years.
Points are awarded for actively coaching and attending coach training and development sessions. Please note that these sessions MUST be approved by HEO and Hockey Canada.

The 5 year time frame for certification maintenance starts on the date the coach achieves their certification.
A coach takes the HP1 clinic in June 2016. He completes his assignment October 2016. His field evaluation is completed March 2017 and the last of the three online evaluations is completed May 7, 2016.
The date that his 5 year term starts for earning his 30 points will be May 7, 2016.

The following resources provide more information on the Certification Maintenance program:
     CAC Certification Maintenance Webpage
      NCCP Certification Maintenance

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