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Assist Fund

Hockey Canada Foundation is now accpeting applications for its Assist Fund. Check out details at the link below.

Hockey Canada Memo

Hockey Canada has release a memo with info on the National Equity Fund. Please read below.

Action Plan

Hockey Canada has released a comprehensive Action Plan to address systemic issues in hockey and ensure greater safety and inclusiveness in and around Canada’s game.

HEO Award Winners

Congrats to all our HEO Award Winners.

View the entire list of winners at the link below.

Hockey Canada Statement

Latest statement from Hockey Canada. Click link below to read the statement.

Open Letter to Canadians

Please read this open letter to Canadians from Hockey Canada.

First Shift is Back

Follow the link below to read more about hosting and registering for a First Shift program in your Minor Hockey Association.

Officiating Awards

Congrats to all the HEO Officials that won the following awards.

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Annual General Meeting


Every year, HEO is obligated to hold an Annual General Meeting, per Article III, Section 3.1 of its ByLaws. HEO’s AGM must be held within 15 months of the last AGM and within six months of the Corporation’s fiscal year end. The ByLaws specify that the 14 voting Members or their Delegates, Directors and Auditors attend the meeting. Any other person may be admitted only if invited by the Board or with the majority consent of the Members present. The ByLaws further specify that the Members must approve the minutes of the previous annual meeting, receive reports from the Board, receive the report of the Auditor with regard to the Corporation’s financial statement, appoint Auditors, consider any business as submitted via a procedure approved by the Board, and elect new Directors.

Notice of Item of Business for HEO's Annual General Meeting


AGM July 13, 2022

AGM Agenda

AGM Presentation

Financial Statements


AGM July 14, 2021

HEO held its first Annual General Meeting as an amalgamated Board on July 14th, 2021. In addition to receiving the President’s report, the 2020-21 HEO financial report, and approving KPMG as the corporation’s auditor for 2021-22, HEO’s 14 voting members also elected three Directors to join the four already serving on the Board. As one of the newly elected Directors stepped down shortly after the AGM, the Board subsequently appointed a Director to serve the remainder of his term in keeping with the provisions of the HEO ByLaw.
To view the HEO Board of Directors and read their bios click here

AGM Agenda

AGM Presentation

Financial Statements



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