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Assist Fund

Hockey Canada Foundation is now accpeting applications for its Assist Fund. Check out details at the link below.

Hockey Canada Memo

Hockey Canada has release a memo with info on the National Equity Fund. Please read below.

Action Plan

Hockey Canada has released a comprehensive Action Plan to address systemic issues in hockey and ensure greater safety and inclusiveness in and around Canada’s game.

HEO Award Winners

Congrats to all our HEO Award Winners.

View the entire list of winners at the link below.

Hockey Canada Statement

Latest statement from Hockey Canada. Click link below to read the statement.

Open Letter to Canadians

Please read this open letter to Canadians from Hockey Canada.

First Shift is Back

Follow the link below to read more about hosting and registering for a First Shift program in your Minor Hockey Association.

Officiating Awards

Congrats to all the HEO Officials that won the following awards.

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HEO Policies

6.7 Privacy Policy
6.11 Photo Guidelines Policy
6.13 Sport School Policy
6.15 Overage Player Playing at Lower Age Category Policy
6.19 Overage Player Policy
6.20 Regional Provincial Special Event Policy
6.29 HEO Logo Usage and Approval Policy
6.37 Inclusion Policy
6.38 Confidentiality Policy
6.47 Domestic Player Transfer and Registration Policy
           Appendix A - Attestation of InterBranch/Association Residency Form
6.54 - Non Sanctioned League Policy.pdf
6.56 Conflict of Interest Policy for Key HEO Positions
HEO Life Patron Policy
HEO Accessibility Policy (AODA Compliance Manual)
6.1 Portable Digital Devices Policy
6.2 Co Ed Dressing Room Policy
6.3 Maltreatment, Bullying and Harrassment Protection and Prevention Policy
           6.3.1 Procedures for Analysis and Investigation of Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment Reports
           HC Investigation Guidelines for Branches and MHA
6.4 Supervision of Players Policy
6.8 Hazing Policy
6.24 Dressing Room Supervision Policy
           6.24.1 HEO Dressing Room Protocol for Officials
6.26 Social Media and Networking Policy
6.31 Egale/HEO Dressing Room Policy
           6.31.1 Egale/HEO Dressing Room Policy Implementation Guide
           6.31.2 Egale/HEO Confidentiality Statement
           6.31.3 Egale/HEO Confidentiality Statement Implementation Guide
6.33 Codes of Conduct
           6.33.1 HEO Officials Program Code of Conduct
6.39 Code of Conduct for Parents
6.44 Spectator Zero Tolerance Abuse Policy
   Discipline & Appeals
6.14 Serving Player Suspensions Policy
6.17 Rules Policy
6.22 Appeals Committee Procedure Policy
           HEO Appeals and Discipline Framework
           HEO Appeal Application
6.34 Discipline Policy
6.35 Dispute Resolution Policy
6.49 HEO Hockey Policy (Minor)
           6.49.1 HEO Code of Discipline Chart for Minor Hockey
           6.49.2 Video Policy for Minor Hockey
6.41 HEO Athlete Selection Policy - OHL Gold Cup
6.5 On Ice Helper Policy
6.10 Outdoor Rink Usage Policy
6.16 Player Pathway Policies
           6.16.1 U7 Player Pathway Policy
           6.16.2 U9 Player Pathway Policy
           6.16.3 U11 Player Pathway Policy
6.23 HP1 Policy
6.25 Bench and OnIce Staff Certification Requirements
6.40 Ontario Player Selection Policy
6.42 HEO POE Coach Selection Policy
6.43 HEO Officiating Selection Policy
6.48 Private Operator Policy
6.55 HEO Select Team Policy for House League

6.50 On-ice Officials Green Armband Policy
6.51 Off-ice Risk Management Policy
6.52 On-ice Officials Glove Policy
6.53 On-ice Officials No Show_Injury Policy
6.57 HEO Officiating Program Coaching Policy
   Risk & Safety
6.3 Maltreatment, Bullying and Harrassment Protection and Prevention Policy
           6.3.1 Procedures for Analysis and Investigation of Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment Reports
6.6 Police Records Check Policy
6.12 Concussion Return to Play Policy
           6.12.1 Concussion Card
6.18 Screening Policy
6.30 Significant Injury Return to Play Policy
6.32 Anti-Doping & Control Policy
6.45 Alcohol, Drug, Cannabis Policy


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