Certification Maintenance

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) requires programs for Certification Maintenance to be implemented amongst all CAC partner organizations. As a CAC partner organization, Hockey Canada now requires certified coaches to maintain their certification by particiapting in recognized professional development and continuing education activities.

CAC Certification Maintenance Webpage

Who Does it Apply To?

  • Certification Maintenance only applies to coaches that are certified
  • If certified at more then one coaching level, you are only responsible to maintain the certification at the higher level
  • Coaches that have trained status only at Coach 1, Coach 2, or Development 1 are not affected

How Does it Work?

  • Certification Maintenance works on a 5 year cylce. The certified coach has 5 years to attain a required number of points
  • Development 1 certification requires 20 points over 5 years to maintain it
  • High Performance 1 certification requires 30 points over 5 years to maintain it
  • The 5 year cycle for certification maintenance starts on the date the coach achieves their certification
  • Any coach development events attended prior to certification status being achieved will not provide points. Points cannot be banked and carried forward
  • At the end of a 5 year cycle the coach will maintains his/her certification status if they have attained the minimum number of points
  • The coach will lose their certification status if they fail to attain the required number of points. NOTE - The coach will be required to retake the clinic and complete the certification process if they lose certification status

How/Where Can I Get Points?

  • Maintenance points can be earned by attending sanctioned coach development events (i.e. clinics, seminars, conferences)
  • If the event is an HEO sponsored event you will need to register for it via the eHockey Portal to ensure you will be credited your points. The hosting organization will provide the registration link
  • If the event is outside HEO (i.e. another Branch) then it is up to the coach to ensure that it is sanctioned and the host is taking care of having the points awarded to the coach
  • Refer to this document for a list of coach development events HEO has sanctioned HEO Certification Maintenance Options
  • Maintenance points can also be earned by Self Reporting professional development in the CAC Locker. Log in to the Locker and on your Certification page click on the Self Report icon
  • Self Reporting allows you to earn up to 3 points for the duration of the certification maintenance cycle (5 years) and accepts a wide variety of activities including reading coaching books, taking non-sanctioned clinics, running a mentoring program or being a mentor

How/Where Can I Check My Points?

  • Certifcation Maintenance points are NOT tracked or manageed by Hockey Canada so they cannot be found in your Hockey Canada eHockey account or profile.
  • The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) is responsible for certification maintenance.
  • You can track your certification maintenance points and status in The Locker. The Locker is your personal coaching portal and is accessed through the CAC website
  • For help on how to use The Locker visit our How to Check Qualifications page and watch the Using the Locker video