U16 Program of Excellence


The Cross Border Challenge will feature a four team U16/U18 tournament made up of two U16 Ontario teams (combining Hockey Eastern Ontario and Hockey Northwestern Ontario players), one U16 Hockey Quebec team and one HEO U18 select team. The HEO U18 select team roster is made up of 2007 born athletes that played in the HEO U18 AAA league during the 2023-2024 season.



U16 HEO Players selected to take part in Cross Border Challenge: 


Kale Osipenko - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Jackson Howell - Upper Canada Cyclones 

Luka Gelinas - Eastern Ontario Wild 



Dylan Orr - Ottawa Junior 67's 

Garrick Lefevre-Hembroff - Ottawa Junior 67's

Grady Spicer - Upper Canada Cyclones

Conor Dervin - Upper Canada Cyclones

Brady Blaseg - Ottawa Myers 

Devran Brown - Ottawa Myers

Colton Spooner - Ottawa Myers

Thomas Hamilton - Ottawa Myers 

Brody Dunbar - Ottawa Valley Titans

Keegan Shirley - Ottawa Valley Titans



Jack Yates - Upper Canada Cyclones

Drake Sled - Upper Canada Cyclones

Jay-Zeus Mbarushimana - Upper Canada Cyclones

Cohen Gill - Upper Canada Cyclones

Cameron White - Upper Canada Cyclones

Thomas Vandenberg - Ottawa Myers 

Max Mews - Ottawa Myers 

Henry Doucet - Ottawa Myers 

Xavier Tessier - Ottawa Myers 

Jackson Legault - Ottawa Valley Titans

Braydon Lindsay - Ottawa Valley Titans

Jordan Perrier - Ottawa Valley Titans

Carter Stevens - Ottawa Valley Titans

Vincent Latreille - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Camden McCuaig - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Adam Levac - Eastern Ontario Wild 


For more details on the Cross Border Challenge, please see the Cross Border Challenge Press Release