NCCP Coaching Clinics

National Coaching Certification Program

Hockey Canada's National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a competancy based program designed to provide coaches the tools and knowledge to effectively work with their players. The coaching clinics that comprise this program are geared toward specific age groups and playing levels. To be eligibile to coach minor hockey and even Junior hockey in HEO coaches are required to take the appropriate clinic.

Hockey Canada NCCP Coaching Clinics

The Coach 1 clinic is designed for coaches working in the U7 and U9 Programs. Coaches are required to achieve trained status at this level. The goals of the clinic are:

  • To provide coaches with the tools to work with 5 - 8 year olds
  • Provide coaches the training to successfully implement the U7 and U9 curriculums
  • Introduce coaches to the concepts of fair play and cooperation within the hockey environment

Prior to registering for the Coach 1 clinic coaches must first register for and complete the Hockey University Online Coach 1/2 Course.

This clinic is a day long event, combining classroom with on-ice learning. Participants will spend approximatly 4.5 hours in the classroom and 1-2 hours on the ice. Key topics of the clinic include:

  • The Practice Environment
  • Developing Skills
  • Safety

Coach 2 is designed for coaches working with players at the recreational levels and the U9 or U11 competitive levels. Coaches are required to achieve trained status at this level.

The clinic is a one day event. Participants will be presented with learning opportunites in both classroom and on-ice settings. Approximatly 5 hours of in class will be supplemented with 1-2 hours on ice to cover these key topics:

  • The Practice Environment
  • Developing Skills
  • Teaching Checking

Note - upon completion of the Coach 2 Clinic coaches will also be recognized as having completed Checking Level 1 of the Instructional Stream.

Prior to registering for the Coach 2 clinic coaches must first register for and complete the Hockey University Online Coach 1/2 Course.

Development 1 is designed for coaches working with players at the competitive levels, U13 Rep B and above. In certain coaching scenarios the coach requires trained status at this level. In other scenarios certified status is required.

Coaches at the U13 AAA level and above must certify at the Development 1 level. Coaches at the Reb B, A and AA levels are required to be trained only. For more information on the difference between trained and certified status click here.

The clinic is a two day event. Coaches will receive approximatly 12 hours of in-class instruction and 4 hours of on-ice instruction. Coaches taking the Development 1 clinic may be required to complete a take-away clinic assignment and a field evaluation.Clinic topics include:

  • Communications Philosophy
  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Team Building
  • Drill Design
  • Skill Development Pyramid
  • Developing Drill Progressions
  • Safety
  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Seasonal Planning
  • Individaul Skills and Tactics
  • Goaltending Introduction
  • Practice Planning

To be trained the coach must only attend the Development 1 clinic.

To become certified at the Development 1 level the coach will also be required to complete and pass:

The High Performance 1 (HP1) Coaching clinic is an enriched development experience for coaches, which features in-class sessions, group work, written tasks, online CAC evaluations and a field evaluation (practice & game). The High Performance 1 program is for those who are head coaches at U15 AAA, U18 AAA and Junior A and who have aspirations to coach at national and international competitions. Coaches must achieve certified status to be eligible to hold head coach positions at the High Performance 1 levels listed above. Trained status does not provide eligibility. Coaches should consult the HP1 Certification Policy for more detail and information.

Coaches seeking certification at the HP1 level must successfully complete the following:

  • Attend a multi-day day clinic
  • Complete and pass a set of written posts (approx. 18)
  • Complete and pass a field evaluation of both practice and game
  • Complete and pass the CAC Make Ethical Decisions (Competition-Development) online evaluation
  • Complete and pass the CAC Managing Conflict online evaluations

The HP1 Clinic Schedule breaks down as follows:

  • Orientation - Conducted by HEO
  • Virtual Modules - Delivered by Hockey Canada
  • In Class Modules - Deliverd by HEO
  • Recorded Modules

The modules delivered in the HP1 clinic are as follows. Those that require a post task to be completed are marked with an asterisk (*).

Virtual Modules

  • Coaching Pathways
  • * Advanced Skill Analysis
  • * Mental Preparation
  • * Physical Preparation
  • * Team Building
  • Conflict Management
  • Making Ethical Decisions
  • * Game & Bench Management
  • * Leadership Techniques in Coaching

In-Class Modules

  • * Defensive Team Play
  • * Offensive Team Play
  • * Penalty Killing
  • * Power Play
  • * Performance Planning
  • * Teaching, Planning, Evaluating in Coaching

Recorded Modules

  • Effective Use of Technology
  • * Player Evaluation & Seleection
  • * Developing Defensmen
  • * Skills
  • * Skating
  • * Goaltending
  • * Shooting & Scoring

Additional Resources

The following resource provides more detail and information on Certification, Pathways and Certification Maintenance:

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