Tournament Registration

This page is for coaches and team managers and provides information on how to register for tournaments. In general, please follow the instructions for tournament registration from the tournament website.

Common Tournament Requirements

You will most likely need to submit:

  • cheque
  • team roster
  • team logo used for dressing room signs or tournament programme.

Upon arrival at the tournament, you probably need to provide:

  • official team roster - obtain this from your convenor.
  • travel permit - see below.

Some tournaments require additional paperwork, for example:

  • Gamesheets from previous games (Bell Capital Cup requirement).
  • copies of birth certificates.

Sanctioned Tournaments

Any tournament you register for must be sanctioned by a Hockey Canada approved Association. For example, all tournaments held in the HEO geographic boundaries, MUST be sanctioned by Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO).

Note that if your team enters a tournament that is NOT officially sanctioned, the implications are:

  • the coaching staff and players are subject to suspensions.
  • players and team officials are not insured under Hockey Canada's insurance policy.

Entering Tournaments with Body Contact

Some house league tournaments are body contact. Regardless of what the parents decide, please check with your house league Association to see if you are permitted to register for house league tournaments with body contact.

Travel Permits

Tournaments in Canada

If your association is part of HEO and you are registering for a tournament inside HEO boundaries, then you do not need a travel permit unless your Association or District wishes for one.

If your Association is part of HEO and you are registering for a tournament OUTSIDE the HEO, then you do NEED a travel permit.

Note: do NOT leave this till the last minute. These forms require signatures from multiple people. It could take a couple of days / week to get all the forms signed off.

If you need a travel permit follow these steps:

Tournaments in the U.S.A.

Follow the instructions above regarding Travel Permits for Canadian tournaments, BUT also include the USA Team Travel Permit.