Sanctioned Hockey - What is it?

Sanctioned Hockey - What is it?



Hockey Canada
Sanctioned programs



Recognized by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Yes, which allows teams sanctioned by Hockey Canada to compete against teams from other IIHF Member National Associations No, as well as not guaranteed to be overseen by any governing body
Supported and recognized by government as the official system for hockey in Canada Yes No
Eligible to participate in sanctioned hockey tournaments Yes No
Partners with the NHL, CHL, CJHL, U SPORTS and others that operate under sanctioned hockey Yes No
Opportunity to be an affiliate player in a Hockey Canada-sanctioned league, including the CHL, CJHL and Junior A Yes No
Suspensions are tracked and upheld if a player, coach or staff member move between leagues Yes No, and any suspension from a Hockey Canada-sanctioned league is not guaranteed to be recognized in future non-sanctioned play
Eligible to submit confidential complaints of maltreatment, abuse or harassment to the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner or Hockey Canada’s Independent Third Party Yes No
Opportunities to participate in low-cost entry-level introduction to hockey programs, such as NHL/NHLPA First Shift, Esso Fun Days and Dreams Come True Yes No
Eligible to be selected for national and provincial and territorial high-performance teams and programs Yes No
Coaches, officials and staff may be considered for additional sanctioned assignments and opportunities including participation in IIHF events, CHL, CJHL and Junior A games, Program of Excellence events and regional and national championships Yes No
Eligible to compete in provincial and national championships hosted by Hockey Canada and its Member branches Yes No
Opportunity to collaborate with Hockey Canada and its Member branches across the country, who have successful track records of organizational and financial stability Yes No
Eligible to be rostered in a Hockey Canada-sanctioned league for the remainder of the season, including CHL, CJHL and Junior A Yes Ineligible if participating in non-sanctioned hockey after September 30
Officials have been trained and certified by Hockey Canada Yes Not guaranteed
Proven model for hockey to be enjoyed recreationally and competitively Yes Not guaranteed
Mandatory criminal record and/or vulnerable sector check for all coaches, bench staff, trainers and officials. Yes Not guaranteed
Full, standardized insurance coverage, including Commercial General Liability, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance and Directors and Officers Liability Yes Not guaranteed
Standardized rulebook for all levels of hockey Yes Not guaranteed
Mandatory education, certification and training required for coaches, trainers and officials Yes Not guaranteed
Standardized age-appropriate hockey programs Yes Not guaranteed


Ultimately, Hockey Canada, Hockey Eastern Ontario and our Members are tasked with ensuring that participants of all ages and abilities can enjoy playing hockey in communities across the country, both recreationally and competitively.

While we feel strongly that our model for delivering hockey is to the benefit, safety and wellness of players, coaches, officials, parents, administrators and volunteers, we recognize that others remain free to participate in the game outside of sanctioned programs.


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