U15 Program of Excellence

The Cross Border Challenge will feature a four team U15 tournament made up of two Ontario teams (combining Hockey Eastern Ontario and Hockey Northwestern Ontario players) and two Hockey Quebec teams.


U15 Ontario Rosters




Hockey Eastern Ontario is pleased to announce the U15 HEO athletes that have been selected to take part in the upcoming Cross Border Challenge. 


*Unable to attend due to injury



Sheldon Jack - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Brian Rathwell - Ottawa Valley Titans

Max Psarras - Ottawa Valley Titans

Connor Haffner - Upper Canada Cyclones 

Ethan Suski - Ottawa Myers




Carter Kunopaski - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Colby Nystedt - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Andrew Enright - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Zachary White - Ottawa Valley Titans

Kaleb Fogarty - Eastern Ontario Wild

Cole Stants - Ottawa Myers

Alex Tangalin - Ottawa Myers

David Buchman - Ottawa Myers

Evan Graham - Upper Canada Cyclones




Kaden McGregor - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Logan Wilson - Ottawa Valley Titans 

James Roy - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Hunter Sim - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Caiden Deshaw - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Carter Scott - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Alex Campeau - Eastern Ontario Wild

Dax McKinnon - Eastern Ontario Wild

Carter Beauchesne - Upper Canada Cyclones

Quinn Young - Upper Canada Cyclones

Carter Cuglietta - Upper Canada Cyclones

Carter Verdone - Eastern Ontario Wild

*Jack Malandra - Ottawa Myers 

Liam Hayes - Ottawa Myers 

Will Mullins - Ottawa Myers 

Karsten Barbeau - Ottawa Myers 

Benjamin Carr - Ottawa Myers 

Dean Sloan - Ottawa Myers 

Finlay McLean - Ottawa Myers

James Zhang - Ottawa Junior 67's 

For more details on the Cross Border Challenge, please see the Cross Border Challenge Press Release.