U14 Program of Excellence

The Cross Border Challenge will feature an eight team U14 tournament made up of three Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO), one Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO) and four Hockey Quebec teams. 

U14 Ontario Rosters



Hockey Eastern Ontario is pleased to announce the U14 HEO athletes that have been selected to take part in the upcoming Cross Border Challenge. 


Athan Stone - Ottawa Junior 67's 

Greyson Kenney - Ottawa Junior 67's 

Everett Marin - Ottawa Myers 

Kellen McKeown - Upper Canada Cyclones

Darcy O'Hare - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Ava Lund-Fouquette - Eastern Ontario Wild 




Theo Gravelle - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Owen Stevens - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Jacob Laplante - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Alec Leroux - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Kade Gagnon - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Justin Deshauteurs - Ottawa Junior 67's 

Christian Gimpoli - Ottawa Junior 67's 

Xiaofeng (Samuel) Liang - Ottawa Junior 67's 

Milo Parker - Ottawa Junior 67's 

Marco Nichele - Ottawa Myers 

Logan Colebrook - Ottawa Myers 

Brady Latreille - Ottawa Myers 

Hudson Gibbs - Ottawa Myers 

Braeden McColgan - Ottawa Myers 

Emmett O'Neill - Ottawa Myers 

Grady Brosseau - Upper Canada Cyclones 

Brayson Heuff - Upper Canada Cyclones 

Rory Shaughnessy - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Hugo Saumure - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Calen Gorr - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Jake Lowrey - Ottawa Valley Titans




Evan Allenby - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Charles Gagnier - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Gavin Heroux - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Tristan Gendron-Steele - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Brock Lamarche - Eastern Ontario Wild 

Xavier Carroll - Ottawa Junior 67's

Innis Robinson - Ottawa Junior 67's

William Boyko - Ottawa Junior 67's

Alexandre Makaridze - Ottawa Junior 67's

Alexandre Saulnier - Ottawa Junior 67's

Nate Cesario - Ottawa Junior 67's

Theo Gregoire - Ottawa Junior 67's

Logan Prud'homme - Ottawa Myers

Gabriel Barakat - Ottawa Myers

Brody Schulz - Ottawa Myers

Owen Marshall - Ottawa Myers

Ben Schmidt - Ottawa Myers

Spencer Aikman - Ottawa Myers

Rafael Ghaby - Ottawa Myers

Logan Dundas - Ottawa Myers

Kyson McMillan - Ottawa Myers

Quinn Creally - Upper Canada Cyclones 

Cameron Kealey - Upper Canada Cyclones 

Thomas Visser - Upper Canada Cyclones 

Jacob Blondin - Upper Canada Cyclones 

Dylan Malhota - Upper Canada Cyclones 

Julian Melo - Upper Canada Cyclones 

Cole Krottner - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Jacob Tysick - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Kaleb Peplinskie - Ottawa Valley Titans 

William Gray - Ottawa Valley Titans 

Louie Carroll - Ottawa Valley Titans 




For more details on the Cross Border Challenge, please see the Cross Border Challenge Press Release.