Instructional Stream Clinic Request

To request an Instructional Stream Clinic complete and submit the form below. Clinic requests will only be accepted if the information submitted is complete and accurate, and all locations, dates and times are confirmed. We will not accept requests with “TBA” or "TBD" in any categories.

There is no fee for hosting an Instructional Stream Clinic. HEO will send an instructor to your location and your only cost will be for ice and classroom rental. For more information on the Instructional Stream and the various clinics available please refer to our Instructional Stream page.

Clinic Requirements

  • 3 hours total clinic time
  • 1.5 hours in class
  • 1.5 hours on ice
  • Ice time must follow the class time

*indicates a required field.

Type of Clinic

Level 1 Clinics *
Level 2 Clinics *

Request Details

Contact Info

Clinic Location, Date & Time

Clinic Times*

Classroom Criteria

  • Should comfortably sit the number of participants (with tables) and allow for easy movement around the room and group work.
  • Should have a projector screen or one large, clear, bright wall space to project on.
  • Should be set up in classroom style.
  • Preferable that the classroom location have WIFI access. The quality of delivery is greatly enhanced if the facilitator has online access.