HEO Statement Regarding District 4 Social Media Post

July 9, 2024

On June 27th, a minor hockey official posted an inaccurate statement on their social media account. In this message, the official advised that a group of officials within District 4 of Hockey Eastern Ontario are on strike. Further, the official implied that that the Assistant Referee-in-Chief of the Branch, Sean Tobin, had suspended officials from a District and suggested that hockey in District 4 will not take place unless he apologizes.


HEO wishes to make it clear that the officials in question were removed from the listing for the remainder of the 2023/24 season by the District 4 Executive, in an appropriate exercise of their role overseeing the minor hockey program in District 4. Furthermore, HEO wishes to assure our hockey families within District 4 that officials will continue to be provided to cover games within their District for the 2024-2025 season.


HEO apologizes to anyone that was offended by the post and would like to take this opportunity to remind members of the HEO Social Media and Networking Policy  and the Code of Conduct Policy for all HEO participants. Members who have issues, questions or concerns with any HEO policy or decision are advised to follow the appropriate procedures to address concerns. Use of social media or networking sites to post information that violates the HEO Social Media and Networking Policy or the Code of Conduct will be not tolerated. This includes sharing or reposting messages prepared by others.

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